Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Olive oil and lavender soap

Olive oil and lavender soap

Ever since I saw this crocheted soap pouch, the idea stuck with me and I wanted to make some lavender soap for my closet and dress it with crocheted doilies. I even took to learning how to crochet. 

Yesterday I made a few olive oil and lavender soaps that I intend to put with our clothes in the closet, to give some fragrance and keep the moths away. I also started crocheting doilies, so hopefully, by the time the soaps have cured, I'll have the doilies ready.

Soap made from our own olive oil and lavender leaves from my garden
I photographed the process, at least I thought I did, but something happened and none of the photos came out. Ugh, I have to get me a new camera...

I used 3 tea cups with rounded bottom instead of molds, lined them with plastic foil as best as I could, blended my dried lavender leaves together with confectioners sugar (which speeds up the insulation process) in my multi and added them at a trace. I've added no other fragrance, but feel free to add couple of drops of lavender essential oil and even some color. I just worked with what I had at home and in garden this time.
Then I poured the soap mixture in in the cups to about half full, covered them with foil and left them in a warm place for an insulation. They were ready before 24h have passed and this time olive oil gave a very bright color as you can see. I can't wait to have my lace doilies ready to complete this project.

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