Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All wrapped up

Easy & cheap way to wrap your soaps

Now that your soap has cured and ready for use (could you resist checking on it every other day?), here is an idea on how to wrap it up without spending much money on it. 

You'll need:
- baking paper (perchment paper)
- a smal pot
- food color (alternatively you can use coffee or cacao)
- scissors
- some raffia, ribbon or a string

Warm the water in the pot, add color
Crumple the baking paper and put it into warm colored water

Let it soak for awhile, then let it dry

Cut a square piece of paper and place your soap on it diagonally

Wrap the sides as shown on photo

Wrap the bottom  like this wrapping the edge twice

And now the upper part, making sure to double wrap the edge
Tie some raffia or ribbon arround it & you have it all wrapped up